Traffic e-Calendars - Placer Superior Court

Traffic icon Project Name: Traffic ECalendars
Court: Placer Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

In October 2011, the court transitioned to an electronic case filing system for its traffic division. The system is now a fully electronic calendar and resulted in the complete elimination of case files. In turn, judicial officers are able to conduct calendars with nothing but a touch screen computer that serves as a one-stop-for-all case database. Judicial offers are able to open all the imaged documents associated with the case on calendar including DMV records, court forms, and traffic citations before the defendant even reaches the defendant's table after his or her name is called. This is made possible through an easy-to-use interface that features the document, the list of cases on calendar, a walk-in option search bar, and a toggle button option that filters heard and unheard cases for organizational purposes all in one easy-to-use page.

Program Benefits/Savings:

In the three years since the system was first implemented, this easy-to-use system has been fully embraced by staff and judicial officers alike. After a few short months of using the system, the court was able to completely discontinue the historic "calendar preparation" process. Gone were the repeated and non-value-added tasks of printing pull lists, pulling case files, transporting files to court, returning files from court, and replacing files on the shelves. Staff dedicated to these tasks was then shifted to more value-added tasks. The system is directly credited with reducing traffic staff workload by 20 percent.

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