Reserve a Court Date Traffic - Orange Superior Court

Traffic icon Project Name: Reserve a Court Date Traffic
Court: Orange Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

In 2010, the court implemented a Traffic Reserve A Court Date (RACD) project. This project allows customers to make a reservation online, by phone, or at the public counter to schedule an appearance in court. Once the reservation is made, the customer can, on the day of the hearing, bypass the traffic counter and report directly to the courtroom without standing in line.

The RACD project includes: online reservation process, ability to cancel appearances online, ability to schedule a reservation for any justice center in Orange County, ability to enter an e-mail address to receive confirmation of the reservation as well as the Advisement of Rights, court control of reservation limits for each traffic courtroom, court discretion to designate specific violations/offense levels as eligible for RACD.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The RACD project was piloted in one justice center before it was fully deployed to all court facilities. As a result of the RACD project, the court has experienced many expected benefits, including:

  • Elimination of "morning rush" resulting in a staff resource savings of at least 45 hours per day courtwide in the clerk's office alone. Those resources were deployed to work on backlog and other critical assignments.
  • Improved quality of work and case preparation as calendars were prepared three days in advance.
  • Courtroom clerks were able to review the court calendar two days in advance and prepare the record for judicial officers, which provided the opportunity for grouping of case types (e.g., open cases, collection cases, interpreter cases, etc.) resulting in a more efficient calendar call and allowing for better interpreter utilization.

Benefits to the public, including online reservations, less wait time in the clerk's office, and the ability to report directly to a courtroom.

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