Remote Video Proceedings - Fresno Superior Court

Traffic icon Project Name: Remote Video Proceedings
Court: Fresno Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

In a collaborative project with the cities of Coalinga and Mendota, the court has commenced Remote Video Proceedings (RVP) in traffic matters. This free service is a convenience for violators cited outside the Fresno-Clovis area who must travel 15 miles or more from where their citations were issued to appear in traffic court in downtown Fresno. Instead of going to Fresno, these defendants may elect to appear in traffic court by videoconference from the cities of Coalinga or Mendota.

The city of Mendota will hold RVP for traffic court every Tuesday morning, and the city of Coalinga holds remote proceedings every Wednesday morning. These cities each have a large room similar to a courtroom equipped with a wide-screen camera, a large television monitor, and microphones that connect by videoconference to a courtroom in the M Street Courthouse with the same equipment. Everyone, including defendants and the judge, is able to see, hear, and speak to each other through this video connection.

On RVP days, the court has an employee in Coalinga and Mendota to conduct roll call as well as gather documents from defendants and law enforcement officers. After that, the court proceeds as in a traditional traffic hearing. If defendants or law enforcement officers have exhibits that were not submitted earlier, the court employee can scan/e-mail or fax the documents immediately to the judge. The court will know in advance if an interpreter is needed and will ensure that one is present in Coalinga or Mendota prior to the start of RVP.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The pilot project is expected to end December 2015 but so far the program has had a lot of positive reviews.