Paperless Traffic - San Mateo Superior Court

Traffic icon Project Name: Paperless Traffic
Court: San Mateo Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

Historically, the court had an envelope file that maintained each original citation, all court notices, correspondence, proof of correction, etc. The envelopes were pulled anytime a clerk was assisting someone at the window or for calendar preparation so the files could be sent into the courtroom for judicial review during all arraignment and court trial calendars. A few years ago, the Traffic Division eliminated the use of individual traffic files. While the court still maintains a daily folder for any pertinent documents processed such as the original citation and proof of correction, the court no longer keeps copies of court-generated notices and have scanned images of all citations that can be viewed electronically by staff and the bench, if needed.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The traffic commissioners were initially a little hesitant because they were so used to handling the physical files and hard copy citations. Reviewing electronic versions of the citation on their bench computer and relying on case management system-generated case prints (similar to a mini register of actions) for case information was a huge change for them. However, they quickly adapted.

Although this change was not implemented as a direct response to the ongoing state budget cuts, it did help position the court favorably as there were reductions in services and staffing levels. The time savings achieved from this change in process allowed the court to use less staff in Traffic, freeing up court staff to assist in other court divisions.

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