Eviction: Tenants

”One Two - Served With Complaint Three - Decide to Respond Four - File Response Five - Trial Six - After Judgment

The instructions below are general instructions that apply to most tenants. Certain types of tenants may have more legal protections than others or have different rules. Click to see those special situations.

No matter what your situation, you may be able to get legal help from a legal aid office near you. Many legal aid agencies help tenants defend themselves from evictions, and they may be able to help you with every step of the process.  Click to find a legal aid agency in your area for landlord/tenant issues.

Mediation and Settlement

If at any point during the eviction process, you and the landlord reach an agreement, the agreement can be written up (as a settlement agreement) and the case dismissed. Sometimes, cases get resolved with a settlement on the date of the trial, when both sides get a chance to talk about the case together and reach an agreement that works for both sides. Go to the section on Mediation & Settlement for more information about resolving the dispute out of court.

Find Help

If you are being evicted and need help, the following resources may be able to help you.