Access to Justice: State Court Hears Cases on Tribal Lands - Yurok Tribal Court with Humboldt and Del Norte Superior Courts

Technology/Tribal-State icon Project Name: Access to Justice: State Court Hears Cases on Tribal Lands
Court: Humboldt Superior Court and Hoopa Valley Tribal Court
   Links: Improving State Court-Tribal Court Relations

Overview/Program Description:

The Humboldt Superior Court and the Hoopa Valley Tribal Court collaborated to hear superior court cases involving tribal and nontribal members on the reservation. Depending on the case types (criminal misdemeanors and traffic), and if appropriate, county and tribal service providers appear before the superior court judge presiding over these cases on tribal lands.

This collaboration was a natural extension of the state court bringing justice to its diverse communities.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The key benefits of this program include the following:

  1. The improved public trust and confidence in the superior court among the local tribal members;
  2. A reduction in the issuance of bench warrants; and
  3. The improved access to the superior court, since the tribal members can more readily get to the location on the reservation where court proceedings are held.

The overall success of this program has improved public satisfaction and continues to strengthen the already strong collaboration between the local superior court and tribal courts.