Self Help A-Z Index

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What is the Self Help A-Z Index?
The Self Help A-Z Index is an alphabetical list of topics that makes the Self Help portion of our website easier to navigate. It helps you quickly find and retrieve specific information. The A-Z index is structured so that synonyms, acronyms, and cross-referencing provide multiple ways for you to access the topics featured on the Self Help section of The index includes common and legal terms to meet the needs of self-help seekers as well as legal professionals.

What items are included?
Topics listed are most relevant to self help seekers, self represented litigants, and legal professionals.  These items are representative of popular topics, frequent inquiries, and apply to statewide laws and initiatives.  The topics listed do not offer localized information.  For local court inquiries, please visit your local court website.

Can I suggest a topic?
E-mail us at to suggest a topic.  With the volume of emails we receive daily, we cannot guarantee a personalized response; however, we appreciate your input.

Do you need help understanding a legal word or term?
Visit the Self-Help Glossary.You may find this short glossary of basic civil law terms helpful.