Photo Tour

"Day in the Life"

Photo tours (2004-2008). Click the titles for a photo tour of a day in the life in the following Superior courts:

security confiscations

San Francisco County
(4:35 p.m.) The "contraband tray" at the security entrance station is filled with items confiscated from visitors during the day.

officer raises flag

Butte County
(7:50 a.m.) Deputy Sheriff Ron Lorimor signals the start of a new day by raising the flag at Butte's main courthouse in Oroville.

Orange County
(7:20 a.m.) Systems analyst Lorenzo Villanueva examines wiring in the main server room at the Central Justice Center.
judge at bench

El Dorado County
(8:00 a.m.) Judge Jerald M. Lasarow presides over a criminal hearing in his courtroom at the South Lake Tahoe courthouse.



Del Norte Courthouse

Del Norte County Courthouse, 1885


Temples of Justice
A photo exhibit of California's historic courthouses

Photographs of early courthouses in each California county reflect the history of the state from Spanish colonialism to pioneer society to statehood.

Introduction: by Barbara George, Chair of the Supreme Court Art Selection Committee