Electronic Filing

Effective October 30, 2017, Pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 8.71, all filings must be made through the Court's electronic filing system (TrueFiling). Specific formatting requirements for electronic filing are required see: 2DCA Formatting Requirements and Guidelines

Second District Mandatory e-Filing

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic filing is the filing of an electronic document in lieu of a paper original and any required paper copies with the reviewing court.

Attorneys are required to register with TrueFiling for both filing documents in the court and for receipt of documents issued by the court.

Self-represented parties may, but are not required to register for electronic filing, but must comply with this rule and the requirements of TrueFiling if they elect to register.

Before submitting your documents, please note that bookmarking is required. For formatting guidelines and resources, please review the How to Prepare Electronic Filings section below:

For Civil cases, filing your documents through e-Filing will satisfy the requirements for service on the Supreme Court under rule 8.212(c)(2).

File your documents
through TrueFiling

Invitation to file hyperlinked e-Briefs in the Second District Court of Appeal

In order to reduce delay in electronic service, parties are requested to remove spam filtering for @jud.ca.gov.


e-Filing Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below to reveal the answer(s).  Answers pertain to the Second District Court of Appeal.

A:  Contact the help desk for TrueFiling by phone at (855) 959-8868 or by email at support@imagesoftinc.com.

A: Contact the Clerk’s Office at (213) 830-7000 or email 2dca.clerk@jud.ca.gov.


  • Appellants/Petitioners in most civil proceedings are required to pay a one-time appearance fee ($775) when a new petition is filed using the TrueFiling system.
  • Respondents in most civil proceedings are required to pay a one-time appearance fee ($390) with their first filing.
  • Convenience fees are charged by TrueFiling. For questions regarding convenience fees, please contact the help desk for TrueFiling by phone at (855) 959-8868 or by email at support@imagesoftinc.com
  • If the court has granted a fee waiver, Imagesoft has agreed to waive their convenience fee. This does not include fees for serving a document.

A: Yes. Everything in the Table of Contents, including the words “Table of Contents” needs to be bookmarked.

A: Yes. See formatting guidelines for creating bookmarks

A: No, but you must have a proof of service. It can be included as the last page of your document or submitted as a separate document in TrueFiling.

A: No

A: Writs of supersedeas must be filed in the existing appellate court case number.