10th Annual California Youth Court Summit

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June 11, 2015

10th Annual California Youth Court Summit

Mock Trial
Teens assume various roles in youth court, including
those of attorneys, court staff, and jurors who determine
the fate of the youth offenders.

SAN FRANCISCO—The California Youth Court Summit—the state’s leading educational and training event for youth, court staff, community service leaders, and others interested in learning about youth courts―will take place June 18-20 at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

2015 Summit Agenda
This year’s summit agenda will feature sessions on cyber bullying, social justice, data collection, and the decision-making process in youth courts. In addition, the more than 200 summit participants will hear from former youth court members who attended the summit or participated in youth court over the last 10 years and how it affected their lives.

Media interested in attending the summit can contact Donna Strobel, Judicial Council Center for Families, Children & the Courts,

What is Youth Court?
Youth court, also known as peer or teen court, is an alternative approach to the traditional juvenile justice system. Under the supervision of a judge, defendant youths can forgo the hearing and sentencing procedures of juvenile court and agree to a sentencing forum with a jury of their peers. Trained youth volunteers also play the parts of the district attorney and public defender.

These courts usually handle nonviolent first-time defendants accused of shoplifting, vandalism, starting schoolyard fights, and or other crimes unlikely to be prosecuted otherwise. In 1991, there were only two youth courts in California; there are now more than 80 statewide and 1,400 nationwide.

For more information on youth courts, visit the California Courts website.