Ticket Service System - Merced Superior Court

Technology/Digital Court icon Project Name: Ticket Service System
Court: Merced Superior Court
   Documents: Implementation of Ticket Service System

Overview/Program Description:

The Merced Superior Court’s digital "ticket" system is similar to those you might see in retail establishments and office environments that use paper-ticket dispensers. The implementation of the system is in the form of a web-based application that is displayed around the center on wireless flat screens that have web browsers. The flat screens are then connected to a public-view of the application that automatically refreshed itself to displace the current tickets being served in each of the various queues. The Ticket Service System has a text-to-speech function with support for multiple languages.

Program Benefits/Savings:

By developing a custom application built utilizing open-source technologies, the Court enjoys both vendor and platform independence. We are not tied to purchasing hardware or software from any one vendor, and are able to extend and troubleshoot the system as we need to without waiting for outside assistance. By leveraging open standards and technologies, we can also extend the application to be deployed in the cloud or on a multitude of hosting solutions if needed. It also allows anyone who wants to implement the system to easily do so for very little cost as the computing resources required for the application are very low and there is little to no cost for the software that is utilized by the system. There were no negative consequences at all for the court or members of the public. Many of our customers have commented on how organized the waiting times are with this system.