Netflix - Juvenile Dependency Matters - Merced Superior Court

Juvenile Dependency icon Project Name: Netflix - Juvenile Dependency Matters
Court: Merced Superior Court

Overview/Program Description:

The Court, in partnership with the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA), provides Netflix to children involved in juvenile dependency matters. Netflix is an online movie rental that charges a small monthly subscription fee. Netflix members can view an unlimited amount of movies and TV shows from its online menu. The Court’s Netflix account only displays TV shows and movies suitable for children. CASA advocates or a member of the Juvenile Division supervises the children that are waiting for their court proceeding in the courtroom waiting room.

Program Benefits/Savings:

While waiting for their juvenile dependency cases to be heard in court, children can watch a Netflix program. Netflix not only provides entertainment, but eases the anxiety levels of the children. Netflix offers a variety of positive programs that bring encouragement to youths who are experiencing emotionally stressful situations. The Netflix shows and movies are selected by the children and advocates and promote conversations between the children.