Civic Learning Award: Bellflower High School

Bellflower High School

Bellflower High School 

Los Angeles County 
County of: Los Angeles
Civic Learning Award of: Excellence
Recognized for: Enhancing student participation in the democratic process. 

Civic Learning Description

Bellflower High School passed a Civics Learning Initiative that seeks to involve ALL students in a civic inquiry process. Students are required to take a social science class per semester that culminates in the annual school-wide Bellflower Civics Fair where students vote for “Best in Show” at each grade level. All Bellflower HS seniors must complete 25 hours of service to a nonprofit per semester. They must also attend a minimum of four city council/school board/parks and rec/public safety or city planning meetings per semester.

Research-Based Civic Education Practices

This school demonstrates the following research-based best practices in civic education:

• Provide instruction in government, history, law and democracy, and avoid teaching only rote facts about dry procedures.
• Discuss current local, national and international issues and events in the classroom, particularly those that young people view as important to their lives.
• Offer extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for young people to get involved in their schools or communities.
• Encourage student participation in school governance.
• Encourage students’ participation in simulations of democratic process and procedures such as voting, trials, legislative deliberation, and diplomacy.

 For more information on research-based best practices, visit the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools website

Contact Information

Susan Nicoletty
(562) 920-1801 ex 3110