Civic Learning Award: Oak Grove Middle School

Civic Learning Award of Distinction - Oak Grove Middle School

Oak Grove Middle School

Jamul Dulzura Union School District 
County of:
San Diego 
Civic Learning Award of: Distinction 
Recgonized for: 
Supporting students in developing their voice through the inquiry of current events and service learning projects.  

Civic Learning Highlights

Civic education at Oak Grove Middle School is personal for every student. Students participate in programs like “We the People” where they are challenged to relate the information they receive to today in order to heighten their political knowledge and articulate their new learning. Service learning projects allows students to use their voice to shape a public policy issue in their community through the process they build a portfolio which includes interviews from the community and proposed solutions. Students also get the chance to present their service learning project to their local policy makers.

Research-Based Civic Education Practices

This school demonstrates the following research-based best practices in civic education. For more information on research-based best practices, visit the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools website.

  • Provide instruction in government, history, law and democracy, and avoid teaching only rote facts about dry procedures.
  • Discuss current local, national and international issues and events in the classroom, particularly those that young people view as important to their lives.
  • Offer extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for young people to get involved in their schools or communities.
  • Encourage student participation in school governance.
  • Encourage students’ participation in simulations of democratic process and procedures such as voting, trials, legislative deliberation, and diplomacy.

​Contact Information

Janet Mulder
14344 Olive Vista Drive
Jamul, CA 91935