eCase eXchange - Riverside Superior Court

Technology/Digital Court icon Project Name: eCase eXchange
Court: Riverside County Superior Court
   Documents: Background Document for eCase eXchange Software

Overview/Program Description:

eCase eXchange is a web-based program, accessed through a secured website, that allows authorized staff to upload and encrypt PDF versions of case files, generate electronic certifications, and produce receipts for record automatically. eCase eXchange is stand-alone software that can be used by any court regardless of their current case management system. Documents can either be exported from a document management system or generated by a PDF-capable copy machine. Email is utilized to send passkeys that will allow authorized staff to unencrypt the PDF files.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The benefits of eCase eXchange include the reduction of costs associated with staff time preparing to send out, or receive in, transfers. Because the files are sent as PDFs, courts that have electronic document management systems can download the file directly and process without printing, thereby saving paper. Providing for the instantaneous electronic exchange of case files results in considerable time and cost savings over the traditional shipping methods. eCase eXchange has also created efficiencies and transfers are being handled and heard in a more timely fashion, allowing litigants to receive access to their case promptly in the receiving county.