EDS–FOAH (Electronic Document System–Formal Order After Hearing) - Sacramento Superior Court

Family Law icon Project Name: EDS-FOAH (Electronic Document System-Formal Order After Hearing)
Court: Sacramento Superior Court
   Links: Public Case Access Site

Overview/Program Description:

The Sacramento Superior Court implemented the Electronic Document System (EDS)-Formal Order After Hearing (FOAH) service that helps litigants receive enforceable court orders after their judgements in one day. With the new system, it only takes a few minutes for the judge to prepare the order and for the parties to receive it. If the parties have a Public Case Access (PCA) account, they can also get email notification and view the FOAH online. This service integrates all of the elements needed to electronically capture a judge's decision, including incorporating pieces of the mediator report, financial calculations, and creates a FOAH in a more efficient and effective manner and more readable format.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Program benefits include reducing the delay in producing the FOAH from weeks to minutes so that parties have an expedited resolution, as well as eliminating the manual process of delivering mediator reports to litigants, attorneys, or other departments. This service has also reduced staff workload by eliminating the need to create the FOAH from the minute order generated by the Family Law Facilitator's Office.