Civic Learning Award: Eastman Avenue Elementary School

Eastman Avenue Elementary School 

County of: Los Angeles
Civic Learning Award of: Excellence
Recognized for:
Promoting participation in extracurricular activities that create a thriving school climate with active participants and future leaders.  

Civic Learning Description

Eastman Avenue Elementary School in East Los Angeles offers a multitude of student led programs that allow its large student population to find community and feel part of a flourishing school climate. Student led clubs like Speech and Debate and Reading Buddies gives students the chance to develop their critical thinking and communication skills.

Research-Based Civic Education Practices

This school demonstrates the following research-based best practices in civic education:

• Discuss current local, national and international issues and events in the classroom, particularly those that young people view as important to their lives.
• Offer extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for young people to get involved in their schools or communities.
• Encourage student participation in school governance.
• Encourage students’ participation in simulations of democratic process and procedures such as voting, trials, legislative deliberation, and diplomacy.

 For more information on research-based best practices, visit the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools website

Contact Information

Ms. Teresa Armas