Language Access Related Studies and Reports


December 7, 2021: Language Access Metrics Report (Fall 2021) 

May 21, 2021: Recommended Guidelines and Minimum Specifications for Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for Spoken Language-Interpreted Events 

May 2021: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Handouts are available on the Language Access Toolkit: Public Outreach page

February 2021: Public Outreach Campaign: Language Access Multilingual Educational Materials Overview Document

February 2021: Language Access Services – Spring 2021 Updates


Court Language Access Survey Report (May 2020)

The council allocated language access grants for trial court signage and technology to improve services and better assist court users with limited English skills (April 20, 2020)

Language Access Metrics Report (Spring 2020) (April 8, 2020)

Language Access Services – Spring 2020 Updates (March 26, 2020)

2020 Language Need and Interpreter Use Study (March 2020)


LAP Implementation Task Force Progress Reports (October 2015 – February 2019)

Learn more about Rule 1.300 (Language Access in Court-Ordered Services) and Related Forms including FAQs(September 4, 2019)

Language Access Implementation Update (January 2019)


Language Access Reporting Form: Summary Report (December 2018)

Language Access Metrics Report (July 2018)

Points of Contact and Appropriate Levels of Language Access Proficiency (January 2018)

Language Access Implementation Update (January 2018)

Technological Options for Providing and Sharing Court Language Access Services Outside the Courtroom (January 2018)


Court Progress in Providing Interpreters in Civil Cases (as of December 31, 2017)

2017 Language Access Survey Report for LAP Implementation Phase II (August 2017)

Court Language Access Reporting Form Summary Report (August 2017)

Language Access Implementation Update (July 2017)

Wayfinding and Signage Strategies for Language Access in the California Courts: Report and Recommendations (May 2017)

Language Access Metrics Report (March 2017)


Court Progress in Providing Interpreters in Civil Cases (as of December 31, 2016)

2016 Language Access Survey Report on the California Superior Courts (June 2016)


Court Progress in Providing Interpreters in Civil Cases (as of September 30, 2015)

Strategic Plan for Language Access in the California Courts (January 2015)