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Probate Conservatorship Task Force

Probate Conservatorship Task Force members listen to public testimony in San Francisco.The Probate Conservatorship Task Force was charged with making recommendations to the Judicial Council for reforms and improvements to the overal system of conservatorship administration in California.
The task force sought input from a broad range of interested and affected stakeholders about how to improve the practices, procedures, and administration of probate conservatory cases, and performed a comprehensive review of laws governing conservatorships established under the Probate Code.

Probate Conservatorship Task Force Recommendations to the Judicial Council:
Status of Implementation
(Dec. 9, 2008)

The task force presented its final report to the Judicial Council in October 2007. A total of 85 recommendations were presented, including items that would necessitate further study and review, additional funding, changes in legislation or rules of court, and preparation of training materials and guidelines for the courts. The Administrative Director of the Courts was asked to report to the council on the status of the implementation of these recommendations by December 2008.

Final Report   (Oct. 26, 2007)

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