Division Eight: Associate Justice John Shepard Wiley Jr.

Jeffrey W. Johnson, Associate Justice Justice John Shepard Wiley Jr. was appointed to the Superior Court in 2002 and to the Court of Appeal in 2018. He clerked for Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. of the Supreme Court of the United States and for Judge Frank Coffin of the First Circuit. Wiley has published in the Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, University of Chicago Law Review, Virginia Law Review, Duke Law Review, Michigan Law Review, Columbia Law Review, and American Economics Review. Wiley was tenured at UCLA Law School, where he won UCLA’s Distinguished Teaching Award, and was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School. He was a federal prosecutor. His wife is Justice Anne H. Egerton of Division Three of the Court of Appeal. They have two grown children.

Wiley has climbed The Nose on El Capitan and the Northwest Face of Half Dome.