Language Access Toolkit - Justice Partners and Community Providers

Language Access Toolkit - Justice Partners and Community ProvidersThis page contains resources for court justice partners and private service providers in the community to support their efforts to extend language access as part of their services.

Language Access in Court-Ordered Services

Language Access in Court-Ordered Services: Information for Justice Partners and Community Providers
Under California Rules of Court, rule 1.300, courts are encouraged to collect information about providers of court-ordered services that offer language assistance. This Fact Sheet provides information about the rule of court and a Judicial Council form designed to help the courts ensure language access to court-ordered services.

Notifying the court about available language assistance
If you are a service provider that offers language assistance in conjunction with court-ordered services, one way to let the courts in your service area know about the language assistance you offer is to fill out and submit form LA-350 Notice of Available Language Assistance - Service Provider. This document provides information about how to use and submit this form and other ways to communicate with the court about the language services you provide.

Form LA-350: Notice of Available Language Assistance—Service Provider
This form guide explains how to use form LA-350 to notify the court that you offer language assistance in conjunction with court-ordered services.

Limited English Proficiency

Federal Interagency Website: Limited English Proficiency
Description: This site acts as a clearinghouse, providing and linking to information, tools, and technical assistance regarding limited English proficiency and language services for federal agencies, recipients of federal funds, users of federal programs and federally assisted programs, and other stakeholders.

Notice of Language Access Services

Multilingual Notice of Language Access Services
This multilingual notice contains information in the following languages: Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Tagalog and Vietnamese.
This document can be modified to include contact information for your agency.

Technology and Language Access

Technological Options for Providing and Sharing Court Language Access Services Outside the Courtroom
This report is a descriptive survey of programs in California and in other state courts that leverage technology to expand and improve access to the court for LEP court users. Drawing from successful technology initiatives already underway in the courts, the report contains a general description of each type of technology and information on how it has or could be used in a court setting to enhance language access and provides brief highlights of existing court-based implementations. Each section concludes with a set of concrete suggestions on next steps for those court employees interested in exploring the technology to enhance language access in their own courts.