California Courthouses

California's oldest, operational court facility dates back to 1854. Built just four years after California was admitted to the union. Hundreds of other landmark court facilities were built throughout California in the years following statehood.

The publication, California's Courthouses, includes photos of the historic courthouses of each of our 58 counties, some grandly built from stone and others constructed of more humble materials. Few of these historic buildings currently function as courthouses due to changed program requirements.

Modernization of courthouse facilities to meet changing needs was a central purpose of the Trial Court Facilities Act of 2002. Facilities Services manages more than 20 million square feet in approximately 500 facilities in the state; 383 Leases; more than 1,000 facility modification projects each year, and almost one million facility service requests since 2002. Facility Services has overseen the construction of 29 new courthouses at a cost of approximately $3 billion. Another ten projects are in or near construction currently. See: Fact Sheet.

Facilities Services' efforts to improve court infrastructure are ongoing. An assessment of the condition of existing courthouses was just completed and sent to the Legislature on 12/1/2019. This document identifies needed infrastructure improvements to the portfolio.

Current, In Progress Projects may be found under Building California's Courthouses.

Completed courthouses are here.