Law Firm Services, RFI-LSO-2019-05-LB

The Judicial Council is responsible for the defense and indemnification of the Judicial Council, the trial and appellate courts, judicial officers, and Judicial Council and court employees under the Government Claims Act (Gov. Code, §§ 810—996.6). Section 811.9 allows the council to provide the defense by retaining private counsel, the Attorney General’s Office, or county counsel. Rules, 10.201 and 10.202 of the California Rules of Court require the Judicial Council Legal Services office (Legal Services), under the direction of the Administrative Director, to manage a program for investigating and resolving all claims and lawsuits affecting both the trial and appellate courts, including selecting and directing outside counsel. Legal Services also assists and manages outside counsel on select real estate and business transaction-related matters.

You are invited to respond with information to assist the Judicial Council of California in identifying prospective law firms to provide legal advice and representation, through the oversight and management of the Judicial Council Legal Services office ("Legal Services"), to trial courts, appellate courts, judicial officers, court employees, and the Judicial Council, in areas, such as: Litigation and Counseling, Labor and Employment, Real Estate, and Business Transactions. The geographic scope of this RFI is statewide and the Judicial Council encourages law firms throughout the state to respond.

The Judicial Council will accept responses in two formats, 1) hard copy OR 2) soft copy. Whichever format you chose the responses are due no later than 2:00 PM, Pacific Time on February 7, 2020.

Mail one (1) original and mail two (2) copies of your response clearly marked “Request for Information” and labeled to:

Judicial Council of California
Attn: Bid Desk - Sheryl Berry
RFI Number: LSO-2019-05-LB
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102-3688

Responses may be transmitted by email to The email subject line MUST include the RFI Number: LSO-2019-05-LB