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Email to Certified and Registered Interpreters (August 19, 2022)

NEW! Instructions for annual renewal payment and compliance attestation
- Instructional PPT (Link to PDF)
- Instructional video (6 minutes)
- For more information about Annual Renewal and Compliance
- For questions about compliance email:
- Need help logging into the Interpreter Portal email:

NEW! Method of Interpretations - Definitions

Interpreter Portal Launch 2020

Please find helpful information from the October 7, 2020 CIDCS interpreter portal webinar training, User Guide, FAQs and more for court interpreters:

CIMCE for Court Interpreters: Interpreters will receive one (1) hour of continuing education credit.

  • Live webinar training = CIMCE L5362
  • Recorded webinar training = CIMCE 5363

Important: The CIDCS Administrative and Interpreter Portals do not support Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser. We recommend that you use Firefox or Chrome to access the portals.