Goal I - Access, Fairness, and Diversity

California's courts will treat everyone in a fair and just manner. All persons will have equal access to the courts and court proceedings and programs. Court procedures will be fair and understandable to court users. Members of the judicial branch community will strive to understand and be responsive to the needs of court users from diverse cultural backgrounds. The makeup of California's judicial branch will reflect the diversity of the state's residents.


    California's judicial branch serves an increasingly diverse population. The branch must work to remove all barriers to access and fairness by being responsive to the state's cultural, racial, socioeconomic, linguistic, physical, and age diversity.

    The branch is working to ensure that the courts are free from both bias and the appearance of bias, meeting the needs of increasing numbers of self-represented litigants, remaining receptive to the needs of all branch constituents, ensuring that court procedures are fair and understandable, and providing culturally responsive programs and services.

    In addition, in order to serve the state of California effectively, the judicial branch should reflect the diversity of the state. The judicial branch must continue efforts to enhance public trust and confidence by working with other branches of government toward a judicial branch that mirrors the state's diversity.

    For policy details, please see the complete Judicial Branch Strategic Plan.
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