Goal IV - Quality of Justice and Service to the Public

The judicial branch will deliver the highest quality of justice and service to the public. In order to remain responsive to the varying needs of diverse court users, the judicial branch will work with branch constituencies to better ascertain court user needs and priorities. The branch will also employ community outreach to provide information about the judicial branch to the public, and effect programs and strategies to ensure that court procedures and processes are fair and understandable.


    California's judicial branch is committed to providing quality justice to an increasingly diverse society. Many court users are poor; some are not fluent in English. Many more are unfamiliar with the scope, processes, and procedures of the American legal system. Increasingly, court users and the public look to the courts to do more than resolve legal matters and dispose of cases-they expect courts to offer programs and services that will help resolve underlying problems.

    Key to meeting these challenges and maintaining the public's trust and confidence is ensuring that court procedures and processes are fair and understandable. This requires a continued branchwide commitment to excellence in public service and to education and training. Employing community outreach and other means to increase the public's basic understanding of the courts and the judicial branch must also remain a high priority. To foster and retain the respect, trust, and confidence of its diverse constituencies, the judicial branch must continue to anticipate and respond to these and other challenges.

    For policy details, please see the complete Judicial Branch Strategic Plan | Graphic version (PDF, 9 MB) | Text only version (PDF).