Goal V - Education for Branchwide Professional Excellence

High-quality education and professional development will be provided to enhance the ability of all individuals serving in the judicial branch to achieve high standards of professionalism, ethics, and performance. Judicial branch personnel will have access to the resources and training necessary to meet the diverse needs of the public and to enhance trust and confidence in the courts.


    Professional excellence is the standard and expectation for all judicial officers and court personnel throughout California's judicial branch. The judicial branch must provide ongoing professional development, education, and training to address many concerns, including (1) the increasing complexity of the law and court procedures, (2) emerging legal and ethical issues, (3) new and emerging practices in treating behavioral disorders and addictions, (4) new technologies, (5) accelerated management and executive development programs needed to complement succession planning efforts, (6) the importance of procedural fairness in all court operations and interactions with the public, and (7) new management, operational, and service-level expectations.

    Additionally, the challenges of a resource-competitive environment mean the branch must actively pursue partnerships and other innovative ways and means to provide professional development, education, and training opportunities for all members of the branch. Maintaining branchwide professional excellence will promote public trust and confidence in the judicial branch.

    For policy details, please see the complete Judicial Branch Strategic Plan.
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