Mental Health Youth Services (MHYS) Infographics

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Infographic 1: Who are the Youth (and Vulnerable Youth) in California?

  • Provides basic demographic information on California youth
  • Four groups are highlighted:
    • Youth in general
    • Youth considered impoverished according to the California Poverty Measure
    • Youth in the child welfare and probation systems
    • Youth in the juvenile justice system
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Infographic 2: What are the needs of youth in California?

  • Data on factors that influence the physical and mental well-being of youth
  • Focuses on youth at greater risk for developing mental health conditions
  • Highlights the effects of COVID-19 on the mental health of youth

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Infographic 3: How do most California youth receive physical and mental health services?
Part I

  • Information on Medi-Cal youth enrollees and the services they are entitled to
  • Information about the state’s Children’s Health Program (CHIP)
  • Highlights mental health aspect of Medi-Cal (EPSDT: Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Treatment statute)

Part II

  • Snapshot of youth enrolled in Medi-Cal and CHIP by sex, age, race/ethnicity, and written language
  • Stratifies enrollee data into subgroups to showcase importance for youth most vulnerable
  • Information on Medi-Cal’s specialty mental health services (SMHS)

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Infographic 4: Are California youth utilizing the physical and mental health care entitled to them?
Part I

  • Statistics on adequacy of youth health care in meeting physical and mental health needs
  • Statistics on how California youth perform on various health indicators
  • Statistics on how California ranks compared to other states in mental health measures
  • How Medi-Cal performs in delivering primary and mental health care to youth

Part II

  • Data of youth utilizing SMHS and non-SMHS, stratified by sex, age, and race/ethnicity
  • Foster youth utilization of mental health services

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Infographic 5: Are there racial disparities in youth health and health care utilization?

  • Data on poverty status, family dynamics and economics, academic performance, and child welfare and juvenile justice system involvement
  • Highlight disparities across race/ethnicity in physical and mental health indicators

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