Canceled: Statewide On-Site Solar and Battery Energy Storage Program, RFP-FS-2021-07-BD

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Update: December 21, 2022
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Addendum No.4 RFP-FS-2021-07-BD - Revision 3

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The Judicial Council seeks proposals for Renewable Microgrid, Photovoltaic (PV) and BESS, or PV only Systems (“System(s)”) at 32 project locations statewide. The project is to be delivered using a Solar Power Purchase Agreements (“SPPA”) or Solar Equipment Lease Agreements (SELA) with corresponding Site License Agreement (SLA) collectively referred to as “Agreements”.  The specific agreement type depends on the particulars of each site.  The System elements will include delivery of a Solar Photovoltaic System (“PV System”), Battery Energy Storage System (“BESS”), microgrid resiliency controls, all necessary supporting components, and System associated Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”). The System is part of the Judicial Council’s plan to reduce courthouse greenhouse gas emissions (“GHG”) and obtain a renewable supply for its electric consumption.

The Judicial Council anticipates one (1) Master Agreement will be issued to a Firm under this RFP.

Pre-proposal Conference:
A Pre-Conference Call (Non-Mandatory)  will be on Monday, September 26, 2022, at 10:00 AM PST
Call-In Number: 1-877-820-7831
Participant Passcode: 109630

Questions regarding the RFP should be submitted in writing to the Judicial Council via Tuesday, November 29, 2022 “no later than” 5:00 PM PST

Proposals must be received no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2023 “no later than” 5:00 PM PST.

Only electronic proposals will be accepted.  For electronic submission of proposals, email your proposal no more than five (5) days in advance of the proposal due date to the following email addresses.

Submit Proposals:
Technical Proposal email to:

Cost Proposal email to:

Further details regarding this solicitation and work requirements are set forth in the RFP and the related documents listed below. All Attachments are posted to the RFP webpage as separate documents

RFP-FS-2021-07-BD - Addedum No 1 Revised Section 4.0 Timeline for this RFP (revised 9/20/22)

Attachment A, Administrative Rules Governing this RFP
Attachment B, Technical Proposal and Qualifications Questionnaire Form
Attachment C.1, Proposed Equipment Form
Attachment C.2, Proposed Price Quotation Form
Attachment D, Solar Power Purchase Agreement for Photovoltaic System
Attachment E, Site License Agreement for Photovoltaic System in conjunction with SPPA
Attachment F, Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Attachment G, General Certifications Form
Attachment H, Darfur Certification Form
Attachment I.1, Payee Data Record
Attachment I.2, Supplemental Payee Data Record
Attachment J, Unruh Civil Rights Act & CA Fair Employment & Housing Act Certification
Attachment K, Iran Contracting Act Certification
Attachment L, Internal Background Check Policy
Attachment M.1, DVBE Declaration
Attachment M.2, Bidder’s DVBE Declaration
Attachment N.1. Solar Equipment Lease
Attachment N.2, Site License Agreement for use with Solar Equipment Lease
Attachment O1 through O8 Series – Project Specifications (zip file)
Attachment P1 through P32 Series – Site-Specific Information (zip file)
Attachment Q, RFP Response Completion Checklist
Attachment R, Judicial Council Tool Control Policy
Attachment S, Form for Submission of Questions

NOTE: The Judicial Council, as a public entity, prohibits direct contact with any Council personnel during the solicitation process in order to maintain fairness and equality to all proposers. Proposers are specifically directed NOT to contact any judicial branch entity personnel or consultants for meetings, conferences, or discussions that are related to the solicitation at any time between release of the solicitation and any award and execution of a contract. Unauthorized contact with any judicial branch entity personnel or consultants may be cause for rejection of the Proposer’s proposal.