Appellate Panel Attorney Compensation

The AOC seeks the services of a consultant with expertise in analyzing total compensation, including pay practices in both government and the private sector, to recommend panel attorney compensation that will fairly reflect the market and help maintain the viability of the program.

The consultant will be asked to use a methodology reflecting currently accepted best practices to:

  • Determine the target market group that should be used to compare to current panel attorneys. This may include but should not be limited to federal public defenders, federal prosecutors, federal criminal non capital attorneys, the State Attorney General's Office who represent the People on appeal, attorneys working in law firms and other legal professionals as appropriate.
  • Compare current panel attorney compensation levels with the compensation and benefit practices in the target market group.
  • Recommend appropriate compensation rates of panel attorneys based on this research that also takes into account overhead, benefits, and other relevant factors.
  • Provide recommendations on implementing a process to keep panel attorney compensation current and competitive.
  • Provide recommendations on areas that may be explored by the AOC to provide changes or improvements on panel attorney compensation.

Written proposals must be received no later than Friday, 1:00 p.m., September 1, 2006.

Additional information is set forth in Request for Proposal (RFP) No. ATCJS-1A