RFQ for Architectural and Engineering Services

The Office of Court Construction and Management (OCCM) of the Administrative Office of the Courts seeks the services of qualified architects and engineers with expertise in all phases of the design and construction of public buildings. It is anticipated that architectural firms will lead full teams of engineers and related consultants. Service Providers will be evaluated and selected to provide services in one or more of the three regions of the Administrative Office of the Courts (Bay Area/North Coastal, Northern/Central, and Southern regions). A map of the three regions is included in this RFQ as Attachment A. Service Providers should indicate, in their cover letter, the region(s) for which they wish to be considered. It is anticipated that contracts will be issued for at least three Service Providers for each region, and Service Providers may be evaluated for either large or small projects.

Multiple Service Providers will be selected to enter into Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (“ID/IQ”) contracts with the AOC for “facility modifications,” or renovations to existing buildings that have transferred to the state. Those Service Providers may be assigned various projects and tasks as may arise, based on the location and nature of the services required and the qualifications and resources of the Service Providers. Because the scope and number of projects and tasks are unknown at the time of contract execution, the contracts are known as ID/IQ contracts. Currently, approximately ten facilities have transferred to the state for which design services may be required for facility modification projects. The term of the ID/IQ contracts for these projects will be for 1 year with two 1-year options to extend.

Multiple Service Providers will also be selected for a Prequalified List of A&E consultants for major capital projects up to $50M in estimated construction cost. As those projects are funded, at least two Service Providers will be asked for project and fee proposals on large projects. Interviews will be conducted with the courts, on which basis a Service Provider will be selected for full-scope design services for the specified project. Currently, one project has been funded for which a Service Providers will be competitively selected from the Prequalified List of A&E consultants for major capital projects in Fiscal Year 2006-2007. The terms of the full-service contracts will be multi-year; however, the scope of approved services will be limited to the extent of the funding appropriation for a specific phase or phases in a given fiscal cycle.

Request for Qualifications


  • Addendum 1 - Answers to Questions | DOC Format (201 KB) | PDF Format(100 KB) - August 31, 2006
  • Addendum 2 - Schedule Change | DOC Format (189 KB) | PDF Format (122 KB) - September 6, 2006
  • Addendum 3 - Answers to Questions | DOC Format (192 KB) | PDF Format(73 KB) - September 8, 2006
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