Facility Operations and Management Service - Request for Proposal

The passage of California Senate Bill 1732 (SB 1732) transfers the responsibility for trial court facilities from the counties to the Judicial Council and Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). Due to this, the AOC requests proposals from firms interested in providing full service, comprehensive, and professional building management services to maintain and preserve the grounds and buildings excluding janitorial services, at various locations within California. The buildings are fully or partially occupied by the Superior Courts of California and other related agencies. The contract term will be three (3) years with three (3) one year options to renew at the AOC's sole discretion. The contract is a cost reimbursement contract with a predetermined Management Fee and a Performance-Based Compensation Plan.

The AOC seeks to contract with up to three (3) qualified service providers. The state is divided into three (3) regions: Bay Area/Northern Coastal, Northern/Central, and Southern. The AOC Regional Manager, Facilities Operations for each region will be the primary "Point of Contact" for each of the contracts. Each region will be contracted separately using this same RFP.

The Contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, vehicles, supervision, and other items and services necessary to perform all services, tasks, and functions for as defined in this Statement of Work (SOW). Work can include: dispatching; real property maintenance, operations, and management services; engineering services; environmental services, planning, programming, and minor design, and execution services; and emergency services. Most work is typical to special-use, Class "A" facilities.

The Judicial Council of California, chaired by the Chief Justice of California, is the chief policy making agency of the California judicial system. The Council also adopts rules for court administration, practice and procedure, and performs other functions prescribed by law. The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) is the staff agency for the Council and assists both the Council and its chair in performing their duties.

A Contractor Interface Meeting and site visit is scheduled for late September 2005. See Procurement Schedule on page 16 of the RFP. Only those contractors represented at the Contractor Interface Meeting will be permitted to submit proposals. To attend the Contractor Interface Meeting, contact the Project Manager not later than September 14, 2005 at omrfpcomm@jud.ca.gov. Proposals must be received by 1:00 pm PST on October 31, 2005.

The following are slides that the AOC will present during the upcoming CIM Site visit. They are for informational purposes only and do not amend or modify the RFP.