Instructional Design Training for CJER Staff

The Administrative Office of the Courts Education Division/CJER is seeking a consultant for a staff development project. This project is a three-day workshop in instructional design for 20 of our staff members. The consultant will be evaluated based on the following criteria: their ability and willingness to customize their program based on our needs and the compatibility of their design process with our curriculum planning. Their program must also incorporate adult learning principles and a large variety of methods, materials, and designs. We would want the following topics to be included:

  • Working with subject-matter experts
  • Analyzing learners
  • Identifying constraints and restrictions affecting course design
  • Sequencing course content
  • Selecting instructional methods
  • Determining the best structure and flow for a course
  • Building in features to make a course motivating and fun
  • Developing course materials
  • Evaluating courses

We will require that each participant receive course materials that include performance checklists, decision tables, samples, worksheets, procedural guides, and glossaries that can be compiled into a manual to serve as a job aid for future use. In addition, we will also require follow-up service from the consultant for at least a year for each participant to receive feedback and help with their work via telephone or e-mail.

We will also be looking for a consultant that is a recognized industry leader in training, that builds its programs upon competencies recommended by the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction, and that has a proven record of providing value, exceptional customer service, and meeting or exceeding expectations.

Interested vendors should note that proposals are due no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 9, 2005. For questions regarding the RFP, please contact Martha Kilbourn at (415) 865-7825 or