Integration Services Backbone for California Court Applications

The California Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) is seeking proposals for software and services to support the implementation and initial deployment of an integrated solution to facilitate automated information sharing across the California judicial branch (“Branch”). The Integration Services Backbone (“ISB”) will be a major element of the technology infrastructure to support the court system, providing the software and associated services to support and manage automated information exchanges between applications within the Branch, and between the Branch, its justice partners and the public.

The project will be performed in three major phases. In the first phase, the Vendor will be responsible for implementing the proposed solution in a production environment in the California Courts Technology Center. The second phase involves assistance in the initial deployment of the ISB solution to support a trial court’s transition to a new court management system. The third phase calls for the Vendor to design and recommend the organization, programs and processes to operate, manage and support the ISB solution, and to deploy it across the remaining courts. Training, as well as solution support and maintenance is also required.

These activities represent the initial effort of a planned statewide deployment of the ISB solution, which must be coordinated with other initiatives associated with execution of the Judicial Council’s strategic plan to transition trial court operations from counties to the state. The selected Vendor may be requested to perform the follow-on deployment activities according to the plans developed during phase three.

Proposals must be received prior to 1 p.m., Friday, May 7, 2004, and include all required attachments. Oral responses will not be accepted. For further information regarding this RFP, please refer to the contact instructions in the RFP.