Juvenile Court Education Project – Psychotropic Medications in Juvenile Court Proceedings

RFP Number: CFCC 08-09

The Administrative Office of the Courts is dedicated to improving the quality of justice and services to meet the diverse needs of children, youth, families, and self-represented litigants in the California courts. One of the projects created to help improve the quality of justice provided those involved with the juvenile courts of California is the Juvenile Court Education Project. A component of this project will be the development of curricula in a number of topic areas. The topic areas for curriculum development include education on the legal foundation of juvenile law (appeals/writs, dependency/delinquency case law updates and trial skills) as well as education on specific issues with both legal and non-legal components (Indian Child Welfare Act, mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, education). The curricula will provide the framework for the education of California’s juvenile court judicial officers, attorneys, probation officers, social workers and others, such as Court Appointed Special Advocates and educational representatives, in each topic area. The specific topic area selected for curriculum development is Understanding Psychotropic Medication in the Context of Juvenile Court Proceedings.

Questions should be directed to solicitations@jud.ca.gov by April 16, 2009, end of business day.

Proposers will submit a hard copy original of the proposal, a completed Attachment 1: Payee Data Record Form and an electronic version of both on CD-ROM by April 23, 2009, end of business day to:

Judicial Council of California
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Business Services, RFP: CFCC 08-09 Juv. Ct. Ed. Proj.-LM
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Further details regarding the solicitation and program requirements are set forth in RFP: CFCC 08-09 Juv. Ct. Ed. Proj.-LM, provided below:

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