Legal Services for Implementation of Public Private Partnership Projects, and Long Beach Courthouse Construction and Development

RFP Number: OGC-070710-RB

The AOC seeks to identify and retain one or more attorneys or law firms (service providers) to represent and counsel the California judicial branch, including the AOC and the Judicial Council, related to the following:

  1. Establishing P3s to fund judicial branch capital projects, including, initially, the Long Beach Project. The Long Beach Project is one of the highest priority capital outlay projects in the judicial branch. The AOC will build a new court facility with at least 31 courtrooms and all court support areas in a building that will comprise approximately 306,500 gross square feet. For planning purposes, it is assumed that the new court will be a seven-story building including basement-level secure parking, a vehicle sallyport, in-custody holding cells, surface parking, and landscaping.
  2. Planning, Design, Development, Construction, and Administration of the Long Beach Courthouse. Potential service providers may also propose through this RFP to provide non-P3-related legal services for the Long Beach Project or future capital projects, including advice related to planning, design, development, construction, and administration of courthouses (Development and Construction).
  3. Ongoing and Future P3-related Legal Work. As the AOC may undertake other court facility P3 projects in the future, this RFP also solicits proposals for on-going and future legal work related to P3 projects.
  4. Ongoing and Future Legal Work related to Development and Construction of Courthouses. As the AOC will undertake other court facility capital projects in the future, this RFP also solicits proposals for ongoing and future legal work related to Development and Construction projects.

The award of an agreement for legal services for the Long Beach Project and other projects is contingent on the appropriation of state funds.

Any questions regarding RFP No. OGC-070710-RB must be sent to no later than 2:00 p.m., July 31, 2007.

Written proposals must be received by the Administrative Office of the Courts, at the address provided below, no later than 2:00 p.m., on August 14, 2007.

Proposals must be delivered to:

    Judicial Council of California
    Administrative Office of the Courts
    Attn: Nadine McFadden, OGC-070710-RB
    455 Golden Gate Avenue, 7th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94102

Further details regarding solicitation and program requirements are set forth in the Request for Proposals (RFP) No. OGC-070710-RB below.

Request for Proposal

Questions and Answers

Notice of Intent to Award