Services to Trial Courts in Employment Litigation Representation and Assistance to Trial Courts

Services to Trial Courts in Employment Litigation Representation and Assistance to Trial Courts

Welcome to the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) site for Services to Trial Courts in Employment Litigation Assistance Matters.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued on September 6, 2001. The AOC has established an Employment Litigation Assistance Program ("ELAP") to assist the trial courts in employment-related matters.

The AOC seeks to identify and retain qualified service providers to represent trial courts in employment-related litigation and administrative proceedings in all aspects, including representation in court and before administrative tribunals; and to give advice to trial courts on employment-related matters.

This RFP is the means for prospective service providers to submit their qualifications to the AOC and request selection as a service provider. The AOC will select, from the responses to Request for Proposals, service providers qualified to provide representation and assistance to trial courts. Service providers will be selected from different geographical areas of the state.

The ELAP Program is governed by the following general principles:

  • The AOC will contract with service providers using a master agreement that sets out the overall scope of the services to be provided, the obligations of the parties, the general fee agreement, and other provisions.
  • Services may be provided to trial courts on a nonexclusive and as-needed basis, from the period of execution of the contract to the end of the fiscal year. Agreements may be renewed for additional fiscal years.
  • The AOC reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, as well as the right to issue similar RFPs in the future. This RFP is in no way an agreement, obligation, or contract and in no way is the AOC or the State of California responsible for the cost of preparing the proposal. One copy of a submitted proposal may be retained for official files and become a public record.

Request for Proposals may be submitted by interested service providers at any time. Only written responses will be accepted. Responses should be sent by registered mail, certified mail, or hand delivered. Service providers may send the AOC an advance copy by facsimile at the fax number listed below. However, sending an advance copy by fax does not satisfy certain requirements.

For further information regarding this RFP, please contact Mary Roberts, Acting Managing Attorney, Office of the General Counsel, Administrative Office of the Courts, 455 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, California 94102. Telephone: 415-865-7803; Facsimile: 415-865-7664.

RFP for Employment Litigation Assistance Program