Public Trust and Confidence in the California Courts, Phase 2

The Administrative Office of the Courts’ Planning and Effective Programs Unit seeks the services of a consultant to assist in completing Phase 2 of the project, “Trust and Confidence in the California Courts.” Phase 1 of the project resulted in the September 2005 publication, Trust and Confidence in the California Courts, A Survey of the Public and Attorneys, a report for the Judicial Council by the National Center for State Courts.

The consultant must have expertise in structuring research and investigative strategies for obtaining strategic information—including focus group methodology—from (1) members of the public who use the California courts, (2) trial court administrators, and (3) judicial officers. These research strategies must be brought to bear on issues of public trust and confidence in the courts that were identified in Phase 1 of the project. The data gathered and findings of Phase 2 must result in considered analysis and specific recommendations to the Judicial Council and AOC that will facilitate the development of actionable forms of judicial branch policy.

Written proposal must be received no later than 1:00 p.m., October 21, 2005. Oral, facsimile, or email submitted proposals will not be accepted.

For more information or questions regarding this RFP, please see the Submission of Questions section on the coversheet of the RFP.