Temporary Assigned Judges Program: Fact Sheet (PDF, 175 KB)
Frequently asked questions and answers about the Temporary Assigned Judges Program of the Judicial Council of California, through which the Chief Justice issues temporary judicial assignments for reasons such as vacancies, disqualifications, and calendar congestion. 

Commission on Judicial Performance:

  • Policy Declarations (PDF, 38 KB) — Relating to complaints and investigations, appearances and formal proceedings, commission administration, disclosure of information, and disability retirement applications.
  • Rules — Full text of commission rules.

Data on race, ethnicity and gender of California state justices and judges.

Report by the Subordinate Judicial Officers Working Group (July 2002, 97 PDF)
Report reviews the duties and titles of subordinate judicial officers and assesses whether these should be changed in light of court restructuring. Presents the working group’s recommendations on subordinate judicial duties in four areas: criminal, family, juvenile, and civil. Includes working group’s comments concerning the implementation of its recommendations.

Report on ACA 1 (Nation): Superior Court Elections (June 2001, PDF, 125 KB)
The Judicial Council's Working Group on Judicial Selection's report on the pros and cons of ACA 1, including results from a survey of judges, finding that ACA 1 does not solve the current problems in the existing superior court election process.

Review of Statewide Judicial Needs (August 2001, PDF, 92 KB)
Summary of the judicial workload standards developed from the California Judicial Needs Assessment Project used to conduct a statewide assessment of statewide judicial needs.

Judicial Workload Assessment
Results of the statewide assessment of judicial needs, including a list of recommended new judgeships and plans for obtaining additional judgeships needed statewide, based on judicial workload standards.