Criminal Law

Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules (Rule 4.102)

For traffic, boating, forestry, fish and game, public utilities, parks and recreation, and business licensing cases.

You must contact the court where a case is filed to get local bail information for that court. The judges in each county adopt a countywide bail schedule that sets bail based on the requirements that apply to that jurisdiction. Each countywide bail schedule may have bail amounts that are different from the council's bail amounts.


Reports to the Legislature Pursuant to Penal Code Section 1170.45:

The Disposition of Criminal Cases According to the Race and Ethnicity of the Defendant (2001 - 2021)
The links below contain the reports submitted to the Legislature in 2001 through 2021.
(*The California Department of Justice (DOJ) indicated that the data set released in 2004, from which the report for that year normally would have been written, was incomplete. The more detailed 2005 report stands in as the update for both 2004 and 2005.)


Additional Information

Change of Venue in California: Fact Sheet (July 2021)
Overview of the assistance the JCC provides (as set forth in rules 4.150-4.162 of the California Rules of Court) when a court in which a criminal action is pending determines that the action should be transferred under section 1033 or 1034 of the Penal Code, including the procedure followed and related costs.

The Impact of the Three Strikes Law on Superior and Municipal Courts (September 1996)
Results of the second AOC Research and Planning Unit's survey, covering July through December 1995, to obtain information on the impact of the "three strikes" law on the courts.

Information on Crime Victims' Compensation (English; July 1997)
Pamphlet summarizes the compensation available to some victims of crime under California law as of January 1, 1997.


Restitution Basics for Victims of Crimes by Adults (June 2012) 
Principios Básicos sobre la Restitución Para Víctimas de Delitos Cometidos por Adultos (December 2013)

Restitution Basics for Victims of Crimes by Juveniles (June 2012)
Principios Básicos de la Restitución Para Víctimas de Delitos Cometidos por Menores de Edad (December 2013)
These booklets provide an overview of restitution and step-by-step instructions on how victims can collect money they are owed. Each booklet explains the types of losses that qualify for restitution, the court process for seeking restitution, and the necessary paperwork that must be filed. Each booklet also includes links to legal resources and a checklist to guide victims through the juvenile court and criminal court procedures to receive restitution from offenders.