AB 12 / 212: California Fostering Connections to Success Act

Assembly Bill 12 (Beall; Stats. 2010, ch. 559), the California Fostering Connections to Success Act, as amended by Assembly Bill 212 (Beall; Stats. 2011, ch. 459) makes it possible to access federal funding for foster care services for dependents and wards beyond their 18th birthday, which will provide them with the time and support needed to gradually become fully independent adults. The guiding principle of this extension is to provide each eligible nonminor with the opportunity to make decisions regarding his or her housing, education, employment, and leisure activities, while ensuring the availability of ongoing support and assistance when difficulties are encountered. The 6 new rules, 2 amended rules, 10 new forms (5 optional and 5 mandatory), and 1 revised form provide the guidance and structure needed to fully implement the court process for the extension of juvenile court jurisdiction and foster care services. Resources for statewide implementation efforts are below.

List of All County Letters, Information Notices, and County Fiscal Letters Related to AB 12 (January 2014)
This is a list of ACLs, ACINs, and CFLs related to AB 12, with descriptions, and links to the documents on the Department of Social Services website.