Keeping Kids in School and Out of Court

This page provides resources for the courts and their justice and education partners to better understand the problems associated with chronic absenteeism and school discipline, as well as how they can work together to address these problems.

What's New

Two new resources now available! “Supporting the Mental Health of Youth in Juvenile Court” provides judges with a set of bench cards and companion resource guide that offers a wealth information about mental health diagnosis, treatment, resources, and more.

The “Understanding Trauma and Supporting Educational Opportunity” bench cards describe how trauma can impact educational attainment, set forth how to highlight education at every hearing, and provide guidance on creating trauma informed spaces for children and youth.

While both of these resources are intended for use by judges in the courtroom, they will also serve as excellent resources for attorneys representing youth.

Keeping Kids in School & Out of Court Initiative

The Summit was held on December 4, 2013 in Anaheim, in conjunction with the Beyond the Bench Conference. Attendees can find information and materials related to the Summit here.

About Chronic Absenteeism and School Discipline

Learn about the shocking statistics of truancy and the effects that school discipline has had on students.  Find resources to help you better understand what it is all about.