Posted here in full text are the oral argument calendars filed by the California Supreme Court and California Courts of Appeal in the last 120 days.

Calendars may change without notice. Please contact the Clerk's Office if you have any questions at telephone number (559) 445-5491.

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Date Posted File Name Description
Apr 02 2024
5th Appellate District calendar for April 2024

Oral Argument by Teleconference/Court Call (an alternative to personal appearances in court)
Any party appearing telephonically for oral argument shall use Court Call. Parties must make reservations on Court Call's website or by calling 1-866-582-6878 to schedule a telephonic appearance for oral argument. Currently, Court Call's fees are $40 for the first 45 minutes and $7.50 for each additional 15-minute increment. Parties with Fee Waivers may participate in Court Call without paying any fees. Questions regarding telephonic appearances should be directed to Court Call.

If you are appearing telephonically the court requests that you use a landline telephone. The court prefers this type of device because landlines typically facilitate better two-way communication. If using a cellular phone, please pause occasionally during your argument to allow the Justices to ask questions as cellular phones do not always allow the speaker to hear if someone else is trying to speak at the same time. When appearing telephonically it is also important to choose a quiet location with minimal outside noise to ensure that the Justices can hear your argument.