This site contains 12 fun activities for you to play while you learn about the California juvenile court system! Each activity is marked with a Bear Paw symbol on the main page of each section. As you go through each section, follow the trail of bear paws to earn a "What's Happening in Court?" diploma.

All the activities listed below are included on this site. Click on the activity that you want to do.

Each activity contains a clue of a single letter. After you finish each activity, you will be given a letter. Write the letters down in order to solve the puzzle; then get your official "What's Happening in Court?" diploma.

If you need help finishing any of the activities, you can look at the Answer Key here in Adobe Acrobat format, (153 KB).

  1. On My Way to Court
  2. Why Am I Here?
  3. Who's Who in Court?
  4. What's Wrong With This Picture?
  5. Can You Get to the Courtroom?
  6. The California State Flag
  7. YOUR Family Court Story
  8. Family Law Court Crossword Puzzle
  9. Who Are the People You Are Connected To?
  10. YOUR Adoption Story
  11. Emancipation Quiz
  12. Find-a-Word