I ím Being Adopted

Adoption is the way a child legally becomes part of a new family. The judge decides if it is best for the child to be adopted. Before the judge makes this decision, a social worker will talk to the child. The social worker also meets the new parents and visits the new home. After adoption a child is a member of a new family. A new family can include brothers and sisters, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. As a member of the new family, the child has all the legal rights of a child born into that family.

Children become adoptable for many different reasons. Sometimes the birth-parents are not able to raise the child. They may be too young. They may not be able to give the things a child needs to be happy and healthy. Sometimes the birth-parents have died.

People adopt children because they love children and want to bring a child into their family. Foster parents, the birth-parentsí family, or anyone else who wants to include a child in their family can adopt children.

Adoptions can involve all types of children and families. Children can be adopted at any age. Some are babies. Others are teenagers. Even adults can be adopted. Children can be adopted into a family of a different race or religion. Children with special abilities can be adopted. Children can even be adopted from other states or countries.

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