Emancipation Quiz

Answer these questions about emancipation. Then click "Done!" to get another clue for your official "What's Happening in Court?" diploma!

    After You Are Emancipated, Which of These Are Rights? Which Are Responsibilities?

    Right—the power to have or do something (if you want) that is guaranteed by law.

    Responsibility—an obligation or something you must do.

  1. You can live where you want.
  2. You can decide when to go to the doctor
  3. You must have the money to take care of yourself.
  4. You can sign contracts to buy, sell, rent, or give things away.
  5. You can keep the money you make.
  6. You can sign up for school and get a work permit.
  7. You can get a driver's license if you are old enough and have insurance.
  8. You must pay your doctor bills if you get sick.
  9. Emancipation Is Not the Same as Being 18

    If you are emancipated, is the answer to these questions YES or NO?

  10. Do you still have to attend school until you are 18?
  11. Can you work as many hours as an 18-year-old?
  12. Can you get married without your parent's consent?
  13. If you break a law, will you have to go to adult criminal court?
  14. Can you vote?
  15. Can you buy and drink alcohol?
  16. What Are the Three Ways to Get Emancipated? Who Has to Agree?

    Pick who has to agree:

  17. Getting married
  18. Joining the armed forces
  19. Emancipation from a judge

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