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2024 California Rules of Court

Rule 8.71. Electronic filing

(a) Mandatory electronic filing

Except as otherwise provided by these rules, the Supreme Court Rules Regarding Electronic Filing, or court order, all parties are required to file all documents electronically in the reviewing court.

(Subd (a) amended effective January 1, 2020.)

(b) Self-represented parties

(1)  Self-represented parties are exempt from the requirement to file documents electronically.

(2)  A self-represented party may agree to file documents electronically. By electronically filing any document with the court, a self-represented party agrees to file documents electronically.

(3)  In cases involving both represented and self-represented parties, represented parties are required to file documents electronically; however, in these cases, each self-represented party may file documents in paper form.

(c) Trial courts

Trial courts are exempt from the requirement to file documents electronically, but are permitted to file documents electronically.

(d) Excuse for undue hardship or significant prejudice

A party must be excused from the requirement to file documents electronically if the party shows undue hardship or significant prejudice. A court must have a process for parties, including represented parties, to apply for relief and a procedure for parties excused from filing documents electronically to file them in paper form.

(e) Applications for fee waivers

The court may permit electronic filing of an application for waiver of court fees and costs in any proceeding in which the court accepts electronic filings.

(f) Effect of document filed electronically

(1)  A document that the court, a party, or a trial court files electronically under the rules in this article has the same legal effect as a document in paper form.

(2)  Filing a document electronically does not alter any filing deadline.

(g) Paper documents

When it is not feasible for a party to convert a document to electronic form by scanning, imaging, or another means, the court may allow that party to file the document in paper form.

Rule 8.71 amended effective January 1, 2020; adopted effective January 1, 2017.

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