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2023 California Rules of Court

Rule 8.713. Record on appeal

(a) Record of written documents

The record of the written documents from the superior court proceedings must be in the form of a joint appendix or separate appellant's and respondent's appendixes under rule 8.124.

(b) Record of the oral proceedings

(1)  The appellant must serve and file with its notice of appeal a notice designating the record under rule 8.121 specifying whether the appellant elects to proceed with or without a record of the oral proceedings in the trial court. If the appellant elects to proceed with a record of the oral proceedings in the trial court, the notice must designate a reporter's transcript.

(2)  Within 10 days after the superior court notifies the court reporter to prepare the transcript under rule 8.130(d)(2), the reporter must prepare and certify an original of the transcript and file the original and required number of copies in superior court.

(3)  If the appellant does not present its notice of designation as required under (1) or if any designating party does not submit the required deposit for the reporter's transcript under rule 8.130(b)(1) or a permissible substitute under rule 8.130(b)(3) with its notice of designation or otherwise fails to timely do another act required to procure the record, the superior court clerk must serve the defaulting party with a notice indicating that the party must do the required act within two court days of service of the clerk's notice or the reviewing court may impose one of the following sanctions:

(A)  If the defaulting party is the appellant, the court may dismiss the appeal; or

(B)  If the defaulting party is the respondent, the court may proceed with the appeal on the record designated by the appellant.

(4)  Within 10 days after the record is filed in the reviewing court, a party that has not purchased its own copy of the record may request the appellant, in writing, to lend it the appellant's copy of the record at the time that the appellant serves its final opening brief under rule 8.715(b)(2). The borrowing party must return the copy of the record when it serves its brief or the time to file its brief has expired. The cost of sending the copy of the record to and from the borrowing party shall be treated as a cost on appeal under rule 8.891(d)(1)(B).

Rule 8.713 adopted effective July 1, 2017.

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