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2024 California Rules of Court

Rule 8.79. Court order requiring electronic service

(a) Court order

(1)  The court may, on the motion of any party or on its own motion, provided that the order would not cause undue hardship or significant prejudice to any party, order some or all parties to do either or both of the following:

(A)  Serve all documents electronically, except when personal service is required by statute or rule; or

(B)  Accept electronic service of documents.

(2)  The court will not:

(A)  Order a self-represented party to electronically serve or accept electronic service of documents; or

(B)  Order a trial court to electronically serve documents.

(3)  If the reviewing court proposes to make an order under (1) on its own motion, the court must mail notice to the parties. Any party may serve and file an opposition within 10 days after the notice is mailed or as the court specifies.

(Subd (a) amended effective January 1, 2017; previously amended effective January 1, 2011.)

(b) Serving in paper form

When it is not feasible for a party to convert a document to electronic form by scanning, imaging, or another means, the court may allow that party to serve the document in paper form.

(Subd (b) amended and relettered effective January 1, 2017; adopted as subd (c).)

Rule 8.79 amended effective January 1, 2017; adopted as rule 8.73 effective July 1, 2010; previously amended effective January 1, 2011.

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