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2023 California Rules of Court

Rule 5.667. Service and notice

(a) In court order of notice (§ 296)

The court may order the child, or any parent or guardian or Indian custodian of the child who is present in court, to appear again before the court, social worker, probation officer, or county financial officer at a specified time and place as stated in the order.

(Subd (a) amended effective January 1, 2007; previously amended effective January 1, 2006.)

(b) Language of notice

If it appears that the parent or guardian does not read English, the social worker must provide notice in the language believed to be spoken by the parent or guardian.

(Subd (b) amended effective January 1, 2006.)

Rule 5.667 amended and renumbered effective January 1, 2007; repealed and adopted as rule 1440 effective January 1, 1998; previously amended effective January 1, 2006.

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